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Table Tents
Starting at $273.32

  • Printed on Premium 14pt. Cardstock
  • Matte, UV2, or UV1 Gloss
  • Additional 5th Color Options
  • Custom Finishing Options
  • Super-Fast Turnaround
  • Single or Double-sided Printing
  • Folding, scoring, and Die Cutting included in price
  • Printed on Premium 14pt. Cardstock
  • Matte, UV2, or UV1 Gloss
  • Additional 5th Color Options
  • Custom Finishing Options
  • Super-Fast Turnaround
  • Single or Double-sided Printing
  • Folding, scoring, and Die Cutting included in price

Table Tent Printing | Print Shop Tampa

Table Tent Printing Specifications:

  • Printed on Premium Card Stock.
  • Aqueous semi-gloss or UV high gloss coatings available
  • Folding, scoring, and all finishing included in final price
  • Great for marketing at your Tampa Bay Area Restaurant

Business Benefits of Promotion with Table Tents

In the restaurant industry, sales and advertising undoubtedly plays a crucial role in attracting more customers. To stay in sync with the latest trends and needs of the modern market, it is observed that there have been several new developments in the scenario of advertising and promotion such as online campaign, social media solutions and web designing that are used to capture the attention of potential customers.

Table tents are an extremely effective advertising solution which can successfully help boost the sales of your Tampa restaurant business, offering specials or marketing specific dishes or drinks. Though overlooked by many as traditional, there is no denying that this method of direct sales, if employed properly, holds the capacity to beat many modern sales strategies easily. Here's your amazing chance to enhance your restaurant and dining business without having to pinch out huge amounts. With the right environment and tactics, table tents are profitable investment which assures to give direct return.

Print Shop Tampa for Your Business Needs

The prime objective of any restaurant or food joint is to urge customers try out new items and products, thus increasing the sales ratio. Hence, the best way for you to improve your sales is to keep your customers updated about the various discounts and new products available. While online marketing can be good for this purpose, a simple yet elegant table flyer placed rightly on the walls or tables of customers is a direct approach which can never go wrong. With help of this marketing solution, not only help your customers get knowledgeable about your new range of items, but also boost up their craving for it instantly.

Advertising through Table Tents from Print Shop Tampa

Table tents are cost effective and designed in various styles to suit your need and requirement perfectly. Made from paper or cardboard, it's a simple three folded flyer in the shape of triangle or a tent that are printed with various promos, discounts and advertisements on the three sides. Visual announcement through table flyers, placed in direct attention of customers is a prominent business strategy that is sure to capture the fancy of people when dining. While some prefer putting it on the table, others place it as placemats or wall décor. Unique and innovative in itself, try out table tents of Print Shop Tampa to explore new opportunities and options of advertising, without being forceful or disturbing.

Table Tents from Print Shop Tampa

Print Shop Tampa brings for you the most effective and professional solutions of table tent prints which are customized and designed exactly in accordance to your business needs. Specializing in various types of table tent printing, we are recognized as a prominent name in the industry that provides with comprehensive services to various restaurants and food chains of Tampa, Florida. Having our team of skilled designers and employees, we at Print Shop Tampa make sure to turn your promotional ideas into successful reality. Some of our table tent design specifications are stated below for your help:

Table Tent Marketing for Tampa Restaurants

Table tents are the most effective tools that aid in marketing and promotional activities of your business activities. Table advertising has the capacity of getting instant notice by the customers. Table tent prints are often used by restaurants, banks, bars, lounges, hotel room side benches and nightclubs because they efficaciously and in the most economical manner boost sales and increases the return on investment of any business house. They give the best exposure of your business to your prospective customers and provide a cost effective marketing of your services. Table tents attract attention and builds brand recognition and up the selling value of any good or service. It is the best way to increase the ROI and build brand loyalty. One can display irresistible offers on the table tent prints and place them at strategic locations where it can get the customer's attention. Instantly you can entice the customers to try out a new product and make them spend extra money they otherwise would not have.
Choose the color theme and design according to your specific business and requirements. There are various design options available and you can choose the most suitable one that suits your requirements. You can either go in for a glossy look or a matte finish as both look classy and elegant. A very profitable business trick is to get table tents printed as calendars having a very attractive display of your services at the bottom.

Table Tent - Shipping & Tampa Bay Florida Delivery

We offer free local pickup at our location or our local delivery service to Tampa Bay residents and businesses for just $10.00.

Typically we use Fedex to ship your Table Tents. You can select from Fedex Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day Air, and Next Day Air. If you live in the Continental United States, we can get your prints to you just about however you like. We are a national printing company and can ship to just about any major city in a hurry including, but not limited to Dallas, Houston, Columbus Ohio, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tampa, Jacksonville, New York, San Fransisco, Austin, Kansas City, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, San José, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Phoenix, Baltimore, Fort Worth, Memphis, El Paso, Seattle, and more.

Design Templates

Design your table tents right the first time by using a template. Our templates are setup accurately assuring your print job is produced properly. To download, click the download template button below:

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